• My work is based in the thought that there are recurring patterns in Nature, illustrating our connections. An atom and its electrons like a star and its planets, a seashell like a chrysalis, blood cells like pomegranate fruit, rivers like our veins…biology to astronomy and beyond.

    I often feel that our basic connections to the world around us are getting lost in our humanity and that making art has always been my pursuit to capture moments of order in an otherwise chaotic seeming world. I see all forms of creative expression as part of the drive to get closer to the harmony that feels missing.

    With Nature's perfection as my guide, I have been working on a seeds, bulbs, sprouts, hive, nest, germinating, growth, celestial, life-source series. Though some of my influences are more timeless such as the pattern in a piece of coral or the shape of an orb spider, my color and design are brought through a filter of American suburban culture in the late 70's and 80's featuring coloring books, stickers, sequins, playdough, chalk, Jim Henson, the Crayola 64 box, the Atarii 2600…

    I work in crochet, hooked-rug, drawing, collage, & clay but have had a special focus on painting for many years. I've been living & working in Madrid, NM since 1999 and working as a human on this earth since 1974.